Crosman PCP Repairs Mods & Customization

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Crosman PCP Repairs Mods & Customization

Be it a PCP like the Crosman Discovery, Marauder, Bulldog, Maximus, Wildfire, Fortitude, Armada or a Co2 pistol which could be Crosman 2240, Crosman 2400 or the Crosman 2300 we can fix them up if you have any issues or just need a regular maintenance.

It very common to have leaks in pcp’s and co2 pistols over a period of time. As you all know when operating these under high pressure, the seals tend to harden/deteriorate. Also could be a busted valve or a faulty gauge. We are here to help you out and get you’re pcp’s or co2’s back the way they were.

Feel free to call us if you have any queries or doubts and we shall be happy to assist.

Some Key Points to Note when you send your PCP’s or Co2’s for repairs.

  • Kindly check with us to know the queue status for your works to begin. Please do not call us every day for the status.
  • Time period for repairs are usually one to two weeks when you are next in queue.
  • That’s assuming that the airguns need a seal change, a newer valve and the gauge fixed.
  • There could be additional problems accidently caused by end user, which shall be known post inspection or disassembly only. We shall report those and give you an estimate for any additional works other that the usual seals change, valve check & gauge errors. Would be good if you could share maximum info on the concerns that need to be addressed and any additional inputs that might have caused the damage. Makes trouble shooting easier and helps us be prepared with the parts that additionally would be required to fix the problem in hand.
  • We only use imported seals and high quality valve seals for the repairs.
  • We shall keep you posted on the status of the ongoing repairs.
  • Once works are completed we do a week’s test with the airgun filled to its max rated pressure to ensure the leak issue has been fixed completely.
  • Final stage would be to run a 10 shot chrony string to monitor the fps and make sure the airgun shoots right.
  • Do note fps spread for non-regulated airguns will have a higher variation and regulated models will be more consistent.
  • We do have regulator testers for almost all regulated pcps to set the exact regulated pressure. Charges for regulated pcp’s will be higher than unregulated models as the seals for the regulators will also need to be replaced. Once reassembled we test the regulated pressure to match the factory defaults and then reassemble the airguns.
  • Airguns or co2 must only be shipped via surface more, no matter which courier you choose as high pressure cylinders or co2 are not permitted by air transport. Make sure you adhere to that strictly to avoid any legal hassles while sending your airguns or co2 pistols for repairs. Pack them very well as surface mode shipping and handling could be very rough and you don’t want any damages in transit.
  • We highly recommend double packing them to avoid such issues.



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