DIN Adaptors

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232 - 300 BAR Inline DIN Adaptor
232 BAR DIN Female - 300BAR DIN Male Inline Adaptor. Converts 300BAR DIN Female outlet to take 232B..
300 Bar Din Female - 1/8 BSP Male
For filling equipment with a 300BAR male DIN (7 threads) from a flexible fill line. Can also be fit..
300 BAR DIN Male - 1/8 BSP Female
300 BAR DIN Male - 1/8 BSP Female Useful adaptor for some special connectors fitted with 1/8 BSP ma..
DIN Male to Buddy Bottle Adapter
DIN Male x 1/4 BSP Female Buddy Bottle Fill Adaptor with Seal. Designed for 300BAR Charging Cylinde..
MALE 200/300 BAR DIN To Female U.K. Bullnose
300 BAR DIN Female to Male G5/8 UK Bullnose to BS 341 type 3 Allows connection of a standard DIN ch..
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