Airforce Condor Regulator with Dual Gauge V2

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Airforce Condor Regulator with Dual Gauge V2

Airforce Condor Regulator with Dual Gauge V2 (First of its Kind for the Airforce and Gunpower Airguns) 

We have upgraded the regulator internals for more consistent shots and lesser wait time between shots.
Would like to thank our customers for their feedback so we could make further improvements and upgrades based on your requirements to our regulators.

Have upgraded the fill ports and micro gauges to larger threads from our previous models so it adds more life to the regulators as well.
Enhanced the looks of the regulators and it's much sturdier than before and can handle up to 300 bar of input pressure.
Output range of the regulator can be internally adjusted from 100 bar to 250 bar. 
We have been working on this for quite some time and have been periodically testing these regulators for utmost performance. 
We can proudly say that our regulators are now available for sale and will do a great job on the Airforce condor and the Gunpower airguns. 

Dual Gauge design:
No more guessing what pressure the regulator is set at. Gauge shows you the output (Regulated pressure) as well as the input pressure. (Tank pressure). 
No more keeping track of shot counts or guessing and working hard to know the cut off pressure of your regulators. 
Set the regulator to the sweet spot, speed your pellets performs the best and just watch for the regulated gauge to trip below what it was set for.

Foster fill nipple on the regulator for quick fill or tethering your airgun.
This regulator ensures that your tank retains the quick install and disconnect feature. 
You don't want to be looking for the Spin-Loc Tool when you want to get started or done shooting.
Larger pre chamber on our regulators in which we have combined both power and consistent shot count.
Built like a tank and tested to 300 bar (working pressure) for safety. 
We however recommend a working pressure of 250 bar which help the O-rings last longer.  
The burst pressure for these regulators are beyond 620 bar so they are very safe for use.
Sturdy gauges with metallic body for the wilderness with the airforce and gunpower airguns.
You also know if your regulator has developed a leak, this has been a daunting task is the past.
One day of shooting, the zero of your airgun changes and you think the regulator is the culprit. 
Could be true also might not have been the regulators fault at all. No more guessing.

Now many users would be concerned that it increases the length of pull due to the 2- and 1/2-inches length of the regulator. 
So, we came up with a solution for that too. 
Just screw on these regulators to the 400-cc buddy bottle and you would be retaining your LOP. 

So the next thing that worries me is, Oh I'd have to reduce the capacity of the tank from the standard 460 cc to 400cc.
Okay so let's get to the math:
The 400 cc bottles we have are rated to 225bar so you would be filling to a higher pressure, than the max fill of 200 bar on the standard tank. 
And the next point is the most important one. When you have a regulator, you have a pre-chamber with regulated output of air. 
The air from the pre-chamber is unleashed on the strike of the valve by the hammer. 
By setting the regulator at its sweet spot, desired pressure, timing the valve by using the right hammer weights and spring pre-load, 
you are wasting very little air or none. You efficiently make use of the air which counts for every shot. 
Thus, the smaller tank gives you approximately the same no. of shots than the 460-cc tank (200bar) or even better. 
This is not to stir a debate that smaller tanks are better, but priority here was to retain Length of Pull.

Each regulator is filled to 300 bar for 24 hours before they ship to ensure they are free of leaks.
The best raw materials have been used to machine this regulator and to ensure we have a light, durable, safe and proven product. 
They have been chosen, designed with materials and specs to the highest tolerances for the right job. 
Safety is the highest priority for any of the products we manufacture.

Proof of Tests:

Highly recommend u install these regulators on our "Buddy Bottle - BARE - 500cc 250BAR M18 x 1.5 Thread" or for better results 
when compared to standard airforce or gunpower tanks as our tanks are rated to 250 bar and u will enjoy the higher shot count.
If Length of Pull is a concern then, you should be looking at buying our 225 bar compact tanks "Buddy Bottle - BARE - 400cc 230BAR M18 x 1.5 Thread".
Can even opt for ".35L CF Buddy Bottle Black rated 300 bar" which can be filled to 300 bar as it has a higher-pressure rating.
These tank along with the regulators would be of the same length of a standard Airforce or Gunpower tank.
If you need the ultimate shot count then the answer to it is our "1 Ltr Luxfer Carbon Composite Cylinders 300BAR (61cu)(1000cc)"  
If you have your own tank with M18 x 1.5 threads, then it would be a direct fit as well

Not sure about the combo with your existing valve :
for some the priority is high power,
for others its average power and higher shot count and
we have few who would want low power, a quiet backyard friendly setup with an endless shot count.  
Send us an e-mail and we will help you with your requirement.

We have now launched a “Airforce Condor Regulator Adjust Regulated Pressure Assembly” for those who would like to easily adjust the regulated pressure.

Stock Options for our Regulator with 0.35L Carbon Fiber Cylinder.
Doug from MadDogRifleStocks has come up with one of the finest stocks for the Airforce platform.
Not only do they compensate for the flex in the frame by adding stability, but they do offer the best solution in the market for the upgraded regulated tanks setup. 
Thus, you compensate for the Length of Pull by adding the shorter 0.35L CF cylinders and the added length of the Regulators.

The models are as follows:
AirForce RJ-6A Recon
AirForce RJ-9A Ranger
Contact us if you need any customization and we shall be happy to get it done for you.

If you have any further query about the listed product you can use the above link to “Ask a Question”

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