1 Ltr 'Day Trip ' Luxfer Carbon Composite Cylinders 300BAR

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1 Ltr 'Day Trip ' Luxfer Carbon Composite Cylinders 300BAR

1 Ltr 'Day Trip ' Luxfer Carbon Composite Cylinders 300BAR (61cu) (1000cc) with Smooth Opening Valve Knob and accurate Wika Gauge

Operating Instructions:
These Cylinders come with one of the finest valve systems which allow you to operate the cylinder in a controlled manner.
Very smooth to open/close thereby providing maximum control over filling.
These come with very accurate and durable Wika gauges.
These cylinders are lighter when compared with Aluminum and weigh one-third to a corresponding steel scuba tank.
Steel Tanks and are not so easy to carry around.
Carbon fiber tanks are easier to transport and you would not be able to part with them if you have ever used one.
Carbon fiber tanks can be filled to 4500 psi while most scuba tanks are only rated to 3000 psi.
This higher-pressure capability not only allows the carbon fiber tank to hold more useable air, but it also enables it to supply more fully rated fills versus a regular scuba tank.

Brand: Luxfer
Cylinder Design Life: 15 Years
European Certification: EN 12245
Approving Authority: EN 12245, CE/PED Standard
Neck Thread: M18 x 1.5
Diameter: 85mm (3.34 inches)
Length: 295mm (11.61 inches)
Empty Tank Weight: 1.78 lb (without butt plate and valve)

Additional Notes: 
An amazing spec Air Gun Charging System. 
Your reliable backup on the field trip when you don't want to carry a heavy backpack.
Very Light, portable and handy for the wilderness.
5-year cylinder hydrostatic test cycle.
Additional Notes: You need to buy respective adapters/fittings to directly attach your specific airgun for filling requirements. Not sure how to go about it or have a doubt, just drop us a line and we shall sort you out.

Contact us if you need any customization and we shall be happy to get it done for you.

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